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6 December 2016

Posted by Jo King

“We have offered 24/7 customer service for 10 years and our customers rely on it”

Olive Communications places a high value on customer care, continuously developing and enhancing our service to give the support that our customers need and deserve.

Here’s our Head of Managed Services and Customer Experience, Jo King, on her role at Olive. Jo is on the front line of customer service, and her views and experience are crucial in understanding how we deal with our customers.

“We offer 24/7 customer service and our customers now rely on it. Their businesses have grown to expect it so that’s where we start – total communication at any time. It sounds daunting, but Olive has established the best possible processes and technology that make the system robust and reliable for both customers and our team.

We get it – we get it that when our customers need help, we have to be there at the end of the line. 98% of calls are answered within 15 seconds, and we don’t outsource. When we speak with our customers, it really is us, and we have the knowledge and understanding to meet our customers’ needs.

The key is pro-activity; and pro-activity means that we often identify challenges before they even happen and can then prevent them. We have regular and structured training sessions, all the technical support and equipment we need to be 24/7 connected (even Mitel IP systems in our homes), and we work closely alongside our customers to understand their issues and requirements, and our agents often go out on service visits to get to know the people and the environments we deal with.

Our mantras are communication and connectivity, all within an end-to-end service model that ensures guidance and problem resolution from start to finish. In reality, when we are contacted, however, wherever we are, at whatever time, we have all the information we need. It’s so efficient, and we have such confidence in the system and our knowledge, that we can resolve most issues there and then. And because we consume the same services we provide to our clients our teams are exceptionally familiar with the customers experience.

We can generally eliminate the need for engineer visits because of the nature of the solutions we provide and remotely remedy problems to ensure maximum uninterrupted connectivity for our customers. That builds our customers’ confidence and they relish the fact that we really know our stuff and will help at any time.

Today, businesses face so many challenges to remain competitive, progressive and profitable.  The help and expertise of the Olive Communications and IT support team means that our customers have one less thing to worry about and can confidently focus on their own customer interaction. We know that we are making a difference to our customers’ businesses every day and we take great pride in that.”

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Jo King

Head of Managed Services and Customer Experience