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13 December 2016

Posted by Paul Butler

A comprehensive telecommunications solution with complete expense control


As one of the UK’s most innovative and respected communications providers for voice and data applications, Olive Communications has entered into numerous blue-chip partnerships, helping their clients to implement a more successful and agile telecoms solution.

At the heart of Olive’s cost control and billing management is Olive Billing Manager (OBM), a powerful analysis and reporting platform that integrates enterprise functions and processes, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of accounting.

It allows managers to customise preferences and create bespoke alerts for managing online billing, enabling clients to have a better grasp of telecoms expenditure, through a user-defined dashboard and web-based interface.

OBM gives designated managers notifications when certain parameters have been breached, whether this is surpassing voice or data limits, or other day-to-day allowances. Instead of investing precious time and resources in manually examining trends to assess where money can be saved, OBM provides the analysis for the user. Crucially, in order for clients to be up and running as quickly as possible, Olive Communications’ consultative approach will guide them through the intricacies of billing analysis and management.

Alerts and reports can be quickly created from chosen parameters, and scheduled as part of a routine, enabling a client to analyse data at a pre-determined date and time, or on a moment’s notice. When sharing this with clients and prospects, all data is securely encrypted. This can be set due to internal and external job roles through password-protected access.

Through the OBM inventory, listing a real-time database of assets the client operates, which is especially valuable for workers operating remotely, the user can look at calls, messages and data accessed on a single device, location, and by employee.

Full integration of OBM into a client’s system is enhanced by Personal Call Management (PCM), allowing individual users to reduce the cost of personal use for their own devices and services. Personal use, once decided, can be automatically deducted from salary.

Whether a client wants to analyse overall business use for a network of mobile and fixed-line telecoms – including Personal Business Exchange (PBX) – or for a specific employee frequently operating on a limited voice and data package in a country other than the UK, OBM is the solution. Couple this with full support and advice from Olive Communications throughout a client’s tenure and you have a market-leading cost and billing management platform.

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Blog Author

Paul Butler


Paul is an industry veteran of 24 years, during which time he has gained deep commercial knowledge and business empathy, as well as strong board-level peering with networks, suppliers and customers.