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14 November 2017

Posted by Louise Daw

Ten Reasons why ...Olive and O2 are the right choice for Mobile Voice Recording

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Olive and O2 are together providing customers with mobile call and SMS recording services.

In November 2011 the Financial Services Authority (FSA), as it was then known, made it a requirement of certain UK financial institutions to record mobile calls between traders and customers. However, while fixed line recording solutions are widely deployed, mobile recording has been a challenge for many organisations.

Here are 10 reasons why you might consider O2 as a platform for mobile recording:  

1. Users get a seamless experience

Our service is network based, so users dont need to make calls through an app, or manually record the call.

2. SMS and Voice

Our service captures both voice and SMS.

3. Hosted, on-premise or hybrid

You choose the service that meets your needs.

4. Device and OS agnostic

Users and businesses alike retain the flexibility to use the device of their preference.

5. Certification from NICE systems

In fact, we're one of the first mobile operators to achieve SIP certification from NICE for SIP integration into NTR x6x.

7. Roaming is covered

Users get a consistent experience, even when roaming. We capture all SMS and voice communications when users are roaming on a CAMEL network.

8. Highly reilient with dual streaming

the service offers dual active/active (N+1) which means we can deliver live copies of a call to two live recorders at the same time.

9. Simple and transparent pricing

Its a simple add-on to most of our existing tariffs, so you get transparent pricing with no hidden extra costs.

10. CRM compatible

It can be integrated with leading CRM platforms, making your team even more productive.


Mobile Recording from O2 via Olives mobile managed service is a next generation mobile voice recording  solution that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device regardless of operating system. Our solution lets you meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control and transparency of customer interactions without compromising on user experience. Mobile Recording from O2 is also secure and flexible. You can choose hosted, on premise or hybrid solutions and customise to meet your specific needs.

For more information on Olive managed services and our partners please click here


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Louise Daw

Louise leads Olive's Lead Generation and Marketing activity. She has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years in various sales, business development and marketing roles.