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4 May 2017

Posted by Paul Butler

Why is 4G better in Middlesbrough than Bournemouth?


News this week in The Guardian, 3 May 2017, stated that 4G coverage is different in regions primarily because of planning regulations surrounding permissible locations of masts. A Which? Report said that “London ranks 16th out of 20 big cities and towns, with coverage and download speeds varying wildly”.

The latest study, which was carried out for Which? by OpenSignal, found that as well as coverage issues there was a huge difference in download speed for 4G mobile users in cities across the UK.

The P3 connect Mobile Benchmark report published in 2016, established clear differences between providers, with in Olive’s opinion, Vodafone comes out as a clear winner, from the perspective of our customers.

It may not have the headline grabbing statistics that other networks are offering, but in Olives view we see Vodafone as serving our customers extremely well.

All UK mobile networks use network sharing which reduces cost and improves efficiencies. The P3 connect Mobile Benchmark UK reveals that this does not mean that all have exactly the same quality. The good news is: All operators have improved compared to 2015‘s exercise and further developments are expected in the coming year with Voice over LTE and extended 4G coverage.” Hakan Ekmen, CEO of P3 communications GmbH.

The move up the rankings from 2015-2016 is testament to Vodafone’s investment in their UK networks. CTIL is Vodafone’s shared network with O2, and this ranking of number 1 shows that they have invested in the right areas.   Olive believes these areas benefit our customers, namely :

  1. The right spectrums to deliver business grade coverage and
  2. Maximising the network available under their joint venture

The majority of mobile use is actually inside a corporate or building of some kind, not just on motorways and travelling. Olives UC converged solutions and Vodafones 4G spectrum allows strong and consistent in building coverage on mobile endpoints.

Olive believe the P3 report shows how a gap due to spectrum ownership and investment decisions is beginning to show and will continue to widen, which highlights Vodafone as a clear winner.

For more information on how 4G can benefit your business email us, or click to read the full report.

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