The pace of change occurring in the financial services sector is phenomenal, with a noticeable shift towards becoming digital-first in the quest for delivering simply brilliant customer experiences.

Financial service institutions are in constant competition for customers. With increasingly standardised product sets they are forced to differentiate their offerings through customer experience, putting enormous pressure on customer facing operations such as contact centres and branch networks.

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The AI Influence on Customer Experience

In partnership with Mitel, Olive delivered a presentation at last month's Call & Contact Centre Expo. Olive's Enterprise Director, Nick Beardsley, and Mitel's Contact Centre Sales Manager UKSI, Shameem Smillie presented on the "AI influence on a Customer Experience" to a jam-packed audience on day 1 of the expo. 

Find out what they had to say, and why this topic held such significance with our audience, by viewing their presentation below.

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Mitel Google AI

Celebrating a new era of innovation with Mitel, Google…and Olive

Discover how Mitel's partnership with Google Cloud AI is enabling business' to deliver the best level of customer experience through embracing AI and machine learning.

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Mitel Olive Portal Video

Our experts answer just how AI will be used in the workplace of the future

We answer just how AI will be used in the workplace of the future.

Is technology driving consumer behaviour, or is consumer behaviour driving technology? Watch the video above to find out!


Workplace of the future: the impact of emerging technologies and unified communications

AI, IoT, and cloud-based technologies are transforming the way we work. Businesses must invest in modern, digital workplace practices that empower employees and enhance their capabilities. Our eBook looks at the key trends shaping this brave new world.

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