Guide : Maximising your costliest assets

Learn how to make resources, staff and buildings more efficient through flexible working

Changing how resources, staff and buildings work can have a positive business impact. Vodafone,for example, has even seen a 20% increase in employee productivity thanks to new flexible working practises.

As with any significant business change there are advantages and pitfalls.

We’ve written this guide to help you navigate your way through to achieve a successful shift in working styles.

Read our guide to learn about:

  • Achieving cost savings, time savings, sustainable working practises and a productive team
  • The associated pitfalls to overcome: resistance to change, planning, and implementation without hindrance
  • Spending statistics around current working practises 
  • The business implications of increased mobile technology, the emergence of 4G (and soon 5G) and improved Wi-Fi
  • Reducing inefficiencies such as travel time and costs, and saving money

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